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Bag Envy - proudly operating as an ethical business

And just like that it is all over! My month of November was huge and I got though it – just!

I arrived home from Indonesia earlier this month, after what was a wonderful business trip. It is so important to me and my business that I connect regularly with all stakeholders in my business, that is why spending time in Indonesia is so valuable and important as this is where all my manufacturing takes place.

I believe in transparency and in particular running my business as transparent as possible. This means being able to share with my customers and supporters all aspects of the manufacturing process as I can. I want people to wear Bag Envy bags with pride knowing that they are supporting an ethical brand who is passionate about ethical manufacturing.

Bag Envy cares about how our products are made, our bags are made in Indonesia one of the world’s biggest producers of international standard quality leathers. We support small family owned businesses who provide stable employment for over 10 employees. We work closely with the wholesalers to ensure they are following strict ethical standards in manufacturing and that the care of their employees is being upheld. Whilst our products are all made from leather, we can reassure you that the leather used to make Bag Envy products are all made from animals that are being used for the meat industry so our leather is an ecological by-product, and no animal is harmed for the sole purpose of producing any Bag Envy products.

After meeting with my current suppliers and also exploring new ones. I’m now buzzing around with so many new ideas and literally cannot wait to get started and show you what we have coming. It’s so nice to be able to connect with my suppliers and work together to come up with amazing, aspirational on trend products that are ethical.

A huge thank you to my amazing husband for all his support and allowing me to do what I love.

Kelly & Janine my gorgeous friends for coming along for the ride, we had so many belly laughs on our adventure, can’t wait to do it again next year! Bring on the sun, scotch & laughs.

Emma, I could not have done this without you, I am so grateful for everything. It’s been 9 months of hard work & dedication, lots of phone calls, emails back & forth and meetings (that may or may not have included cocktails). Thanks for believing in me and helping me move forward in my business, I can now proudly say Bag Envy is operating as an ethical business.

Trish ❤️

Founder, Bag Envy